Monday, January 25, 2010

I was rereading my old posts and no wonder I didn't lose at all this last year, and I'm actually surprised I did not gain more. Every single post says things like "I really tried but I blew it, oh well"

I am glad this time around that certain things are not negotiable. I overate on Thursday and Friday and did a lot of underestimating of points values of certain foods. I have been left with only 3.5 flex points since Saturday and I have only used up 1/2 a point. I go to bed hungry. I track everything, every single day. Even if I don't reach 135 by March at least I know that I have actually committed to losing this weight, a real commitment.

That's comforting. I am still nervous that I will gain again this week even though I have had activity and stayed within my points range.

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nic said...

All we can do is the best we can do each day. That best does not stay consistent day to day. There is still life to be lived and lessons to be learned.

You're doing an amazing job.