Monday, June 15, 2009

Cleanse me. I dare you.

So after drinking too much and then eating Perkins pancakes Friday night I woke up Saturday morning feeling sick and sad and sorry for my body and took the advice of a colleague and went on a cleanse. 2 days fruits and vegetables, 2 days juice, water, or tea, 2 days fruits and veggies again. I am on day three. I supplemented the first two days by also allowing myself to have some nuts. I'm drinking water like crazy and after feeling pretty exhausted Sunday, I'm feeling better today. The craziest part is that I am not hungry. I just feel like I need a reset for my body. I've gotten back into this habit of not sleeping enough, not exercising, working too much, eating too much, go to bed and do it again. I've gained 3 lbs in the last month, which is by far my most significant gain in the last year over the shortest period of time. I just need a reset.

In other news, I have far too much work to do in a humanly possible timespan, my dad is going into surgery today to have half of his foot amputated after 15 years of infections, one of Anders consumers (he works at a group home) has been diagnosed with swine flu and Anders doesn't have health insurance and he has to be in very close proximity with them all day.

This week is going to be intense.