Thursday, January 29, 2009


After a pretty great vacation to DC and NYC I am back in the office with mountains of work, a radio show I need to put together, a quilt I need to make, cleaning, a very low bank account, and all a handful of Longfellow residents that are driving me up the well. Yar. I know this will get better but with all the stress I keep stress eating and it is no good. It's really hard to make time for yourself when you can't help but think of all the things that need to be finished. I'm checked out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

White Out

This weather makes me want to stay inside and not do much of anything. Instead I am at work, listening to my coworkers gossip about their families and I am going to a meeting about the Xcel Substations that will be sure to bring out all the local crazies. Should be interesting. After a week of complete WW diligence, I failed, monumentally, this weekend. This is partially due to the laziness of not going to the grocery store and having nothing to eat and how good red wine and and food tastes when it is cold out and you are warm and your boyfriend just came back from Japan after two weeks and you just want to celebrate together and then go to a dance party where you have jello shots for the first time since you were 19 and there is brie and bread and good music and fun people? Oh dear. Anders and I ended up staying out until three last night and it was so fun. I really felt like something was missing the last couple weeks when he was gone and then I picked him up in my car from the airport and he pressed his cheek up to mine while I was driving and although it may have been dangerous, it was exciting to be back with my partner. He had all these great stories about Japan and now we are talking about teaching together there next year. It would be great great great.

Things feel so busy and I'm not doing a very good job prioritizing. So here is a to do list for the week.

1. Do physical therapy exercises everyday twice a day.
2. Do laundry. Lots of laundry.
3. Finish Anders' quilt. This is my first large sewing project and it's going rather well and he has no idea what he is receiving for his belated xmas gift. So excited to see his face when it's finished.
4. Put in training time at KFAI and determine whether or not I will be covering the Art Shanty Project
5. Figure out a place to stay in NYC for next week.
6. Pack for my trip to DC for the Inauguration!!! I am staying with my sister, who lives in capitol hill, and I have not seen her in two years. I can hardly wait!
7. Go grocery shopping with an actual meal plan in mind.

Busy busy busy. This is good for now. Going to a Weight Watchers Meeting on Wednesday, very excited and hoping it's what I need right now to motivate me.